Canadian Wellsite strives to maintain & increase customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a wide range of solutions to a variety of aspects in the industry. Whether you have been in the industry since wooden derricks or just starting out, we hope to have a solution for you. As you will notice from the testimonials below, you are more than just a customer.

"I am not sure what the anniversary of having this service, but if you want to, renew us for another year whenever we're due. Also, I understand it will be more for the advertising and I would also like to keep that banner as well.

I must say it is very convenient having all these resources and I use everyone of them. Rig locator saves me so much time it's unbelievable.


Justin Tidd
Savage Oilfield Rentals Ltd.


"Throughout the past, I have been very happy with Canadian Wellsite; the on-line advertising they do for us, and for the info they can and do provide, and for the customer service I have received in the past. You proved that you are at least one of C-W employees that obviously I can expect to receive a high level of service from. Your phone call response to my e-mail was prompt, I appreciate that, and thanks to your help, MY problem was quickly rectified.

Thanks again."

Loretta Pike
GNP Waterhauling


"Excellent, "down to earth" tool box topics. We use many of your topics during our daily tool box meetings. Thanks for a well organized and detail web site."

Richard Bush
Grant Prideco


"I am one of the gray haired engineers that came along before computers were invented. I recently had to become a "consultant" and have been surfing the net for freeware to build up a library. Your site is very helpful, full of additional information, and well done. "

Rick Porter


"Just want to let you know that I received my first assisgment from a gentlemen (Oil field Consultant) from Calgary, Alberta -- he found me by going to your site.

I have finalized his documents and he is "extremely impressed".

Just want to say thanks for helping me."

Candace Davies
All Trades Resume Writing


"I just discovered you're site. Very interesting, practical and useful.

By the way, just added you to my favorites list. Keep up the good work."

D. Lees
Owner, LPC Petroleums Ltd.

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