Crude Search
The Search Engine for Oil & Gas Professionals in Canada

What is it?
Powered by Google, Crude Search is the most comprehensive search engine for Oil & Gas professionals in Canada. Prioritizing Canadian industry specific results; Crude Search refines Oil & Gas related queries to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for.


How does it work? Crude Search works and feels just like the regular Google Search engine. By combining the power of Google with Crude Search's own comprehensive database, results are organized to provide the most relevant information to your query. In addition, Crude Search features 3 unique search options to help you refine and simplify your search even further; Crude results, Directory results and Job results.

All Results:
Results are drawn from the standard Google engine and also the Crude Search engine, emphasizing Canadian content
Crude Results:
Strips out results from Google and ensures the results displayed are 100% Canadian and matched by your search term
Directory Results:
Searches all major phone directories at once and displays results that best match your search term
Job Results:
Searches all major industry job sites at once and displays results that best match your search term


Crude Search also incorporates smart technology, such as "Auto Complete" and "Synonyms", providing more accurate results by recalling the search patterns of its users.

Auto Complete:
Offers popular suggestions as your typing to help refine your search term to ensure more accurate results. For example, if majority of the users are typing in the search term "water hauling" over "water wells", Crude Search will always suggest "water hauling" over "water wells" prior to your typing being completed.
Provides results with the same or similar meaning. For example, you may type in the search term "Power Tongs", Crude Search will also provide matches for "Integral Tongs".


What if my search term is not Oil & Gas related? No problem, when a search term is not Oil & Gas related, Crude Search will draw it's results from the standard Google engine, thereby eliminating the need to exit Crude Search for other queries.

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