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Refining your search: Crude Search offers 4 refinements to help simplify you're search. However, we may not always know exactly what your looking for or the area you would like to find the term in. To refine your search term even more simply add another key word to your search. For example, if your search term is "Power Tongs" but would like to find the service in Calgary, simply make your search term "Power Tongs Calgary".


This method also works for the Job Results. If you would like to find an accounting related job in Calgary, simply make the term "accounting Calgary".


Sorting: Crude Search offers 2 meothds to sort the results, Relevance and Date. By default the results are always sorted by relevance. However, if you are using the job results, you may want to sort by date to show the most current postings. If this is the case simply change the sort option found on the right hand side to "relevance".



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